ipads and Digital Stories

Students are being brought up in an era of technology. One in which they are bombarded with technology and would question if they could even survive without it. Most families have at least a smart phone, television, computer, laptop, tablet devices, music player or cameras. All of which are not associated with children and learning.

Technolgy has become such a crucial part of life and should be embraced. Educators and parents need to shift their understanding of technology to be used as a useful tool to build students’ literacry and numeracy as well as allowing students to express themselves through different avenues.

The students display sustained interest and attention when working with iPadd to retell stories. Not only do they reamin engaged with the device, but also with the task. Creating and reviewing student work encourages student to reflect on their learning.

Using ipads allows the teacher to be able to shift from a teacher centred learning to one that is student centred. This allows for students to engage deeper and to have more meaning to their learning, as they become the leaders in the learning process (Goodwin, 2012).

To further develop student oral and language skills, it is important for students to be able to retell a story. This also helps assess students’ comprehension skills as well as act as a tool for students to engage the texts at a deeper level.



Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten- students literacy development, SCAN, 31(4), 31-40.


Play School Art Maker can help with fine motor skills as characters need to placed back together before they are able to used the character in their story. Students are able to be the story teller, director , producer and actor by shaping, positioning and acting the characters.

Using apps like Play School Art Maker, Toontastic or Puppet Pals, students are able to build on their technology skills as well as their listening and speaking skills. Toontastic and Puppet pals are a bit more difficult to work with and is more suitable for higher grades, students should be allowed some time to play with the app and become accustomed to the features before creating stories. Lessons using apps such as these should not be limited as a one off or act as a reward system as using these apps can be extremely useful to assist student learning as commented by Burnett (2010). They could also be used in individual or group situations, where it could develop student listening and collaboration skills.

Teachers need to be willing to use the great resources that are available to deepen student learning.


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