My Digital Story : My Grandpa


Below is a link to my digital story about my Grandpa. I really enjoyed making this video. I had the opportunity to yarn with my Grandpa, hear his war stories (so many crazy ones I would have loved to include) and just appreciate his past. I’ve never seen him so happy to share his stories because no one (except my dad) wanted to hear them. But now with him gone, it was an opportunity of a lifetime for my Gramps!

Stories worth mentioning here are, my Grandpa was born 20 April 1927. In the Korean War he was shot in the leg by North Koreans and was sent to hospital. To stay alive he would regularly infect his wound so that he could remain in hospital as those who were discharged from the hospital were sent straight back into the war, but this time promoted a rank because they had ‘more experience’.

My Grandma’s sister was carrying her little brother on her back fleeing from the gunfire, she might have been no more than 10. However as she fleeing, soldiers shot at her back and her little brother was killed, but she survived.

There are countless other stories that I still struggle to believed that this happened to my family, perhaps for another time.

Enjoy this short video about my Grandpa.

Stage 2, History:
HT2-1 –  identifies celebrations and commemorations of significance in Australia and the world.
HT2-2 – describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to 
changes in the local community over time.



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